Louise France - domestic heating, plumbing and gas engineer
just so things are clear...

100% materials plus 50% of the labour to be paid for in advance of the works commencing, preferably by bank transfer (does not apply for small jobs). The remainder plus any extras is due on completion.

Parking vouchers, where required, must be supplied. Pay and display is limited, risky & time consuming.

Work carried out on aging systems is undertaken in the belief that the original pipework and fittings are correctly sized and in serviceable condition. Any further work required due to faulty pipes, radiators, valves, inadequate pressure/gas supply etc be deemed extra work.

Rubbish clearance will be handled by a licensed waste disposal company - it is not possible for me to dispose of rubbish without a license or at great expense to the local recycling centre...
cardboard, plastics & non ferrous metals will be recycled.

Any payment made shall be deemed acceptance of these terms.

Many thanks.