Louise France - domestic heating, plumbing and gas engineer

I understand the importance of good communication with my clients and am sensitive to their many demands. I am always willing to educate and inform about any aspect of the work I do. 

Vintage houses are full of surprises. Often, it isn't until decades are peeled away that you can be certain of what lies beneath. This can significantly impact on the cost of a project and makes it difficult to accurately predict the eventual outlay. Not only can dodgy plumbing be revealed, but other issues which may influence important decisions. For most people, the nuts and bolts of central heating and hot water systems holds no fascination, but it is such a good idea to get this right before spending fortunes on bathrooms and kitchens and decorative work. Rectifying existing problems, making improvements and bringing systems up to minimum standards, isn't always straight forward and varies completely from house to house. Creative thinking is a mustas is tenacity, resourcefulness & sensitivity.

Recent accreditations
Currently studying as a Domestic Electrical Installer 
2014 Nest Certified Professional - Reseller & Installer
2013 Honeywell Installer Network - Recognised evohome Installer
2011 Vaillant Advance - Accredited Installer